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What is a procedure?

A procedure is a set of instructions that perform a specific task or tasks. It may also be called a function. A recipe for banana bread is an example of a procedure. The baker must follow the instructions step-by-step to produce the bread.

We use procedures in App Inventor to create new blocks that we can use repeatedly and take up less space than all of the blocks used in the original procedure. If we are using the same sets of blocks more than once, these blocks are called redundant.

What is a procedure in App Inventor?

An App Inventor procedure collects a sequence of blocks together into a group. You can then use the sequence of blocks repeatedly by calling the procedure. If the procedure has arguments, you specify the arguments by using name blocks. When you create a procedure, App Inventor automatically generates a call block and places it in the My Definitions drawer. You use the call block to invoke the procedure.

When you create a new procedure block, App Inventor chooses a unique name automatically. You can click on the name and type to change it. Procedure names in an app must be unique. App Inventor will not let you define two procedures in the same app with the same name. You can rename a procedure at any time while you are building the app, by changing the label in the block. App Inventor will automatically rename the associated call blocks to match.

Let’s build a procedure to do the job of the redundant code blocks. In App Inventor, you define a procedure in a manner similar to how you define variables. From the Procedures drawer, drag out either a procedure do block or a to procedure return block. Use the latter if your procedure should calculate some value and return it. After dragging out a procedure block, you can change its name from the default “procedure” by clicking the word “procedure” and typing the new name.

Additional details on App Inventor's procedure blocks can be found on the Missoni E Women’s Pumps Schwarz/E cheap hot sale wholesale price for sale latest sale online SE5tq

What is an argument?

An argument is an input to our procedure. Some procedures require knowing some bits of information that change how the procedure is run. Let's look at the banana bread recipe example. Sometimes the baker may want to make two loaves of banana bread. Then the baker would double the amount of each ingredient called for in the recipe. This double or 2 is an argument to our procedure since this changes how much of our ingredients we mix together.


A procedure is a set of blocks together in a group that can be run by calling the procedure. A procedure can return something or not have a return value. A procedure can take arguments.

News Stories SelectUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 applicants Please be prepared to uploada PDF copy Fall 2018 and later applicants IELTSresults must be delivered to our Electronic Download account by the IELTS test center Enrollment Employment

Other Important Information

Assistantships and Funding

Department awards and financial assistance in the form Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships and Fellowships are awarded by the program.

More information on financial support can be found on the Graduate College website .

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to see what funding opportunities are available and whether you are being offeredfunding.

Visa Process for Admitted Students

Financial documents for visa processing are requested by the Office of International Services. Applicants may begin submitting OIS-requested documents online through the application system checklist during the application period, however, they do not need to be submitted until after an admission decision is made.

OIS document requestsdo notaffect application review or admission decisions.

Please see the website of the Office of International Services for additional details and contact them with inquiries about OIS document requests or financial documents you've submitted.

Official Credential Guidelines

Only admitted applicants who intend to enroll at UICwill be required to submit official, attested and sealed copies of their academic credentials to the Office of Admissions before they can register for theirsecondsemester at UIC. This includes both the transcripts or marksheets and the degree certificate/diploma.

If English translations were required, the original translationsshould also be submitted.

From foreign institutions, copies of original credentials which have been attested by the university or college authority and sealed by the same individual will be considered as official.We understand that many universities only issue one set of final, original credentials. Please do not send originals to UIC, as received documents cannot be returned.


The university may issue the officialcredentials directly to UIC or to the student.As long as the seal is not broken, the credentials will be considered official.

Documents may be considered unofficial for any of the following reasons:

Make a copy of your transcripts or marksheets and degree. Have them stamped/attested by the university or college authority. The same authority will need to seal the credentials in an envelope.


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